TERMS & CONDITIONS<\/o:p><\/span><\/u><\/b><\/p><\/div>

1] This is only Pre - Booking amount for <\/span><\/p>

    CAGE\r\nGOLD CARD which is not refundable.<\/p>

2] you must have to\r\npay remaining amount of<\/span><\/p>

    Rs.20000\/- within 15 days after opening of CAGE <\/span><\/p>

    nightclub otherwise your \u201cCAGE GOLD CARD\u201d <\/span><\/p>

    will be terminated.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>

3] \u201cCAGE - GOLD CARD\u201d\r\nis not transferable and <\/span>is only <\/span><\/p>

    valid up to its date of expiry and when it has\r\nbeen <\/span><\/p>

    activated by the cardholder. The card may not be <\/span><\/p>

    used by any person other\r\nthan the card holder.<\/span><\/p>

4] \u201cCAGE CLUB CARD\u201d holders mandatory to show <\/span><\/p>

     Photo ID Proof at time of Entry.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>

5] Admittance to the\r\nclub is conditional upon <\/span><\/p>

    presentation of a valid \u201cCAGE CARD\u201d. Payment <\/span><\/p>

    cards\r\nwill not be accepted as substitutes for the <\/span><\/p>

    \u201cCAGE CARD\u201d.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>

6] When entering the\r\nclub, club staff will check <\/span><\/p>

    Photo ID and issue a \u2018Record of Visit\u2019 by text <\/span><\/p>

    message on registered mobile number by <\/span><\/p>

    swiping the club card.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>

7] You must follow all the guidelines on <\/span>COVID-19<\/p>

    when in Club premises.<\/p>


8] Standard Club rules Applicable.<\/o:p><\/span><\/p><\/div>","id":"1","name":"GOLD CARD","amount":"30000","monthaly_amount":"0","duration":"0","food_discount":"0","club_entry":"0","voucher_coupen":"10","image":"http:\/\/cagenightclub.com\/AndroidClass\/images\/b1b1a1c0fcf8e633641900d567b4c8cd.png","created":"2021-05-28 15:47:09"}]}